C.I.B. MultiCh. Tsavos Hunter Diamond Edition Tayo


International Champion C.I.B.

German Champion (DE, VDH)

Polish Champion (PL)
Czech Champion (CZ)

Slovenian Champion (SLO)

DZRR Club Champion


Sire: Ye Japha Impressive Highness Of Sanbona (FR)

Dame: Tsavos Hunter Bakari (DE)


D.O.B.: 26.01.2016

Hight: 69 cm                                                                                Weight: 50 kg

Full dentition scissor bite


HD A1 free

ED/OCD free

LTV neg., L7 normal, SA neg.

Dilute: D/D
B-Locus: B/B
JME: clear

DM: free

MH: free

IVA: free

Haemophilia B: free

Hyperurikosurie: free

DNA-Profile ISAG 2006

Ridge Gen: R/r

Thyroid profile (2019): normal
Cardiological examination, heart ultrasound - clear, electrocardiogram - normal


Breeding examiniation DZRR / VDH / FCI passed on April 14th, 2018 in all categories with the top grade A. Gunshotproof.

Tayo was born on January 26zh, 2016 in a litter of 10 puppies in kennel Tsavos Hunter (Breeder Barbara Appel). He enjoyed a loving rearing and first imprint there. Form the beginning we were allowed to participate in his development.

Tayo is a stately and substantial male who catches your eye with his expressive, masculine head and his excellent bone strength and muscling. Since he was 5 months old, we have been attending dog shows in Germany and abroad with great success, where he has already won several championship titles and awards.His ancestors come from very old and successful African lines, which we are very proud of.

He has a heart of gold and remains relaxed and calm even in unfamiliar situations. He is very loving and respectful of children. Tayo is a self-confident and balanced male who is also compatible with other dogs and cats. He prefers to avoid anger. With regard to the breed-typical hunting instinct, he leaves it to look behind and is always available when we call him.

Tayo lives with us in our big house with a garden. He loves to lie in the sun and walk with us through the fields, meadows and forests. Through a loving and consistent education, he is a great companion - he goes with us to the restaurant, to the shopping center,  on vacation or to the office. Tayo loves to accompany us while jogging or on the bike.


Tayo is a stud dog with passed breeding examination under DZRR/VDH/FCI. He is available only for suitable breeding bitches.
Do not hesitate to contact us.