About us

We, Lisa and Cem, live together with our son and our two Ridgeback males Tayo and Gabon in a beautiful area. Our house is in the middle of nature. We use the surrounding meadows, mountains and lakes for our walks every day.


When Tayo moved in in 2016, our dream of our own Ridgeback came true.
Many myths and stories revolve around this breed. Some are true, others are not. You just have to experience these dogs yourself to understand them and the fascination they exude. Our expectations were exceeded with Tayo and we enjoy every day with our soul dog. He has developed into a very beautiful and masculine male who is extremely balanced, reliable and loving. We love him!


In 2020 Gabon moved in our life. We imported him from Denmark. Gabon is a happy and extremely cuddly dog. So he snuck into our hearts in from the first second.

Seeing Tayo and Gabon together gives us great joy.